Christmas Hymns (2018) tells the story of Christmas through diverse, contemporary stylings of familiar hymns. Follow the ancient prophecies, hear the angels’ proclamations, see the shepherd’s reactions, travel to Bethlehem, gaze on the baby Christ, and offer your gifts of worship and praise alongside the wise men. These inspiring hymn arrangements will lift your heart every Christmas season!

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Resolved (2017) is a declaration of steadfast faith in the saving and sanctifying power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The daily decision to follow Jesus is often compounded by many distractions of life, yet the call to life-changing devotion never diminishes. These thoughtful hymn arrangements will remind you anew of your eternal commitment to God.

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Praise Hymns Recordings Cover

Praise Hymns (2016) is an exuberant celebration of God’s splendor through majestic hymn arrangements. Included are hymns that praise God as Creator, King, Father, Redeemer, and more! These artful arrangements communicate the power and grandeur of a God worthy of infinite praise.

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Prayer Hymns (2015) was born out of seeing God faithfully answer prayer. We pray to God to confess and repent, to be close to Him, and to tell God we love Him. He forgives us, washes us, draws us near, and communes with us. We ask God for His presence, His protection, and His guidance. He shows up in our lives with heavenly power, and His Word illuminates our existence with truth and love.

Each hymn has been thoughtfully and artfully arranged to reflect both the heart’s cry of the hymn writer and my personal understanding of the hymn’s message. My prayer is that these arrangements enrich your communication with God as the phrases of each hymn flow through you.

Nine years in the making, At, Near, Beneath (2014) is the birth of a dream to create and record advanced hymn arrangements for piano and cello. Whether pairing Gabriel Faure’s Elegie with How Can It Be or casting To God Be the Glory in a semi-Baroque style, each hymn arrangement draws on Jonathan and Christian’s classical training.

With hymns covering topics such as joy, peace, death, redemption, assurance, friendship, and contemplation, this project showcases—with musical commentary—the myriad ways God works in the lives of His human creations.

All Hail the Power (2005) is over 70 minutes of short, yet challenging hymn arrangements for solo piano. Each arrangement is an original, contemporary styling of a familiar hymn. This extensive collection of 52 hymns–one for each week of the year–includes seasonal songs for Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter. Expect to be encouraged and uplifted as these hymns fill your ears and heart!

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